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you can not run away!’
cracks disappear along with the space, the sound of a looming cold, but also through the space, sailed pass into Xiao Yan ears.
Xiao Yan looked pale cold space where the cracks disappear, eyes flashing,cheap coach bags, this really strange and unpredictable strong family spirit,Coach Outlet Store Online, astral space as early as previously he is being blocked, I did not expect was that the soul of the family or holy struggle and the bone came through the quiet rescued.
‘previously the man, I’m afraid, at least in the presence of a star is also a holy peak, do not discuss that do not know that the so-called big revere’ Xiao Yan thoughtfully,Cheap Coach Purses, and now he is only at the beginning of a holy star level than Since the previous man, touches on a lot weaker, but leveraging the power of different fire, you really want them fighting, Xiao Yan is also afraid of him down.
‘holy struggle to break through to today, surely the soul of the family would no longer like before ignoring me like that, if they really have any means to be cast, it would have been to send a real strong.’ Xiao Yan eyes flash, mind is more Some careful, he can expect, if the next family who meets the soul, then certainly is a real battle.
‘call ……’
hearts Qingtu breath,coach purses outlet, Xiao Yan turned to look in those dense astral stars fell Court disciples and elders ‘at the moment they are all like that were previously silent terror battle and shook.
‘you elders, their duties, straighten up the mess, there is rapid healing the wounded, each disciple,Coach Outlet Store Online, practice activities as usual’ Xiao Yan condescending overlooking the entire astral, faint voice sounded in the ears of everyone.
heard, everyone is quickly Gong Sheng replied, this war, Xiao Yan reputation is undoubtedly the stars fell Court reached a real peak, has a real fight holy strength,Coach Outlet Store Online,

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