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so that was that sea of ​​blood Gululu boiling up, and then to the naked eye Visible speed quickly fell in just ten seconds, and a sea of ​​blood that is scattered in the invisible. On
sky, breaking the wind sounded, Xiao Yan figure is generally appear like ghosts over that ravine, indifferent eyes looked at where his trifecta previously, has been thoroughly wounded four absolutely revere, if luck not good, this guy is not even spot the fall is impossible.
‘will have to cut the grass in addition to overview’
Xiao Yan Mountain shimmering eye, hand and shoved a grip, a purple brown in color with a white pillar of fire Si Sen is self palm Pushe, among the last to wear into the ravine, fiercely bombarded remaining in that atmosphere place.
pillar of fire over the place, it had some moist soil ravine, almost instantly baked rock-hard as it was, the pillar of fire swept through, Shen Jian is directly into the rock,cheap jordan shoes, a Unit of hot temperatures, constant filled out.
‘Poof Tao!’
pillar of fire at the end, even the skin is the body disappear, the body a bloody four revere, extreme weakness of the micro-open eyes, fingers move,cheap Authentic jordans, roll jade Jane appeared in the palm,Cheap Jordans For Sale, and then doing all the will of the crumb away .
accompanied Yu Jane split, a space black hole suddenly appeared in four revere side,pragmites.com, a certain attraction storm Chung out, the latter one is swallowed into the body.
four Senior stature disappear the moment, but it is a streamer lightning swept into the ravine,cheap jordans for sale, and then appeared in his previous position where,jordan shoes for sale, looking at the residual space warp, could not help but slightly wrinkled brow, murmured: ‘ spared it very – …… ‘Xiao Yan’d never expect, this four revere actually so anti-war, remember eating so much aggressive attack, but also dying alive,

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