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under the flames that filled the sky, kind of unwillingCan only be pressed in the heart.
tricolor flames filled the sky, and in the flames of that, with a black giant bell stands, every fire wave coming, all would have to face the giant bell Wu Guang a violent shaking,cheap jordans, and small cracks that above also will accelerate the spread. ” Kacha ■ ” subtle sound, slowly came to get later, almost became a ring.
this sound is not loud, but it gradually pass into the presence of everyone’s ears, so full field silent, all eyes are numerous road tricolor flames with a trace of shock looking at the sky on this battle,cheap jordans for sale, it seems to be a winner at the moment is!
flames in the air below, Xiao Yan standing vacant at the moment his face slightly pale, cast tricolor fire lotus this and other powerful fighting skills, although the power of terror,Cheap Jordans, but the same, its consumption is to reach a frightening degree.
Xiao Yan eyes locked straight giant bell that black sea of ​​fire within the heart, and not because of the spread of those cracks and relax in the slightest, all these years of experience, he has made it clear some reason, the Lions still make full Botu against any opponent lightly,Cheap Jordan Shoes, maybe that is pulled abyss will own all these years so the funeral was born in his strong hands and a lot, so this is naturally emotionally Xiao Yan.
will accelerate grudge several immortality reply quickly into your mouth, Xiao Yan looked slightly amused eyes more and more cracks in the black giant bell, the body of vindictiveness,luckythechildrensbook.com, but also quietly running, immediately wrap the body count them. ‘Click click, one hundred and eleven one hundred eleven
crack spread rapidly,hearingguy.com, after a moment, finally, throughout every corner of the giant bell, and now, three-color burst into flames is very scary waves of

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