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of short interest of time,Cheap Jordans Outlet, is quietly into nothingness,cheap jordans for sale, disappeared between this world, while the other hand was a huge flame black disk, but it is still suspended in the sky ‘slowly turning ……,
‘What ye skills?’
even looked at the black disk are never shake shake what is the collapse of the attack ‘bone secluded three, looking once again took to the horror and disbelief, the three together, even if that stars can not beat Xiao Yan holy strength, but also look into the case and will not be defeated, that strange flame black disk, it is too terrible.
‘to create different derived fire fighting skills, this little guy, really surprised people have countless ……’
looked suspension sky, slowly turning the flame black disk, the drug is passing touch of old faces shock of color, sinceCentral disk darkness, ‘he sniffed out a fairly terrible taste, if people were twisted into them, but even the soul, all will be wiped out in an instant, in a certain respect, this is the real destruction.
‘This guy is too strong, go!’
bone quiet face looking away antagonistic suspended pumping sky, lost his hands behind him,cheap jordan shoes, his eyes staring at their indifference Xiao Yan,cheap jordans for sale, after this fight, they already know ‘that they are not entirely XiaoYan opponent!
last word had just fallen, the bone is rapidly turned quiet,cheap jordans, physique into a streamer, facing export astral storm swept away, behind it, the days of witch offerings and soul of the house three revere also quickly follow.
turn around and see all the three fled, those Styx strong alliance, it is Haide wits,jordan shoes for sale, quickly turn around, like a lost dog in general, against the outer astral channeling.
Xiao Yan eyes looked indifferent fled large figure, cold voice, slowly spit from the mouth.
accompanied blurted remark huge black disk

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