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of the weak person,Coach Factory Outlet.
‘asked to be submerged with that black military-related messages that?’
maid would be too respectful offer tea, Xiao Yan glanced at the stage of the battle, softly.
now have to contact with this ancient tribe, Xiao Yan is naturally want to know more about them, and that so-called black submerged army is said to gather at the ancient tribe of powerful warriors ‘has a tyrannical extreme fighting,Coach Bags On Sale, for them, Xiao Yan must have some information.
‘ah ……’
small medical cents smiled and nodded, eyes and Skyfire Venerable as the one, then whispered: ‘Black Army submerged ancient tribe, status is not low because of their selection criteria quite demanding, not only for the ancient tribe absolute loyalty, but also must meet certain way at a certain age level, it is said, black submerged military assessment every year, amounting to less than assessment criteria, that is, will be removed away, so this is so that was submerged black army quality ‘quite high. ‘
Wen Yan,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan is slowly nodded his head, from the gates to see the group dressed in black armor guard look ‘is able to know that black submerged Army soldiers, not what mediocre, if on the outside world, but also one of those one in a million soldiers talent.
‘among black submerged army, has a very strict level of the points,Coach Outlet Store, within which there is no commanding eight, and have seen yesterday and Ling Quan, who five guide, is one of the two’ just that Ling Quan,Coach Outlet Store, just it ranked seventh. ‘Side of Skyfire Venerable laughs.
‘Ling Quan is ranked seventh it’ Xiao Yan eyes slightly narrowed, Ling Quan is a statue of star power, but who five guide, Samsung bucket respect strength, so to say,Coach Outlet Store, then, that big black submerged Army The command is to achieve at least six stars even higher level.
‘is indeed ancient

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