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people relied on,Coach Factory Outlet. ”
Xiao Yan slowly taken, purple-brown flame as Nulong generally filled out ‘to exhaustively cover the whole body, feet and shoved Yiduo ground, stature is like a touch of lightning appeared in front of the shadow people, hot The sharp Zhangfeng ‘head directly toward the latter is severely boom of the past.
‘Humph! ”
saw Xiao Yan hands-on ‘who is also shadow Lengheng pace smart retire, avoid Xiao Yan Zhang Feng ‘spirits under the mask, Lvmang suddenly flash.
‘relied on many people, I am afraid that I’ ‘
shadow people Lenghe fall, a sudden burst of distorted space before it, and soon nearly dozen figure emerge out of thin air,Coach Outlet Store Online, shouted loudly thundered,Coach Outlet Online, a dozen palm aggressive matchless breeze, Xiao Yan is facing the boom of the past.
in the shadows of people grabbing Lvmang appears, Xiao Yan heart alert is raised,Coach Outlet, so these figure suddenly appeared surprised though he has made it, but did not panic, ‘while flashing stature as ghosts’ will be that Zhang Feng overwhelming exhaustivelyOpen away, but he also stepped back away.
catch herself, Xiao Yan looked up at the sky that stands in front of more than a dozen black people, but it is not but a wrinkled brow, these people smell is very strong, and that the two leading black man, are fighting even reached the level of respect ‘behind some of the people,Coach Outlet Store, but also all fighting were strong peak’ these people together, just the number of words, has far exceeded Hsiao go far.
‘These people are mostly deep jiu python family strong ‘, purple research Chen Sheng said.
Xiao Yan nodded,Coach Outlet Store Online, looked at the man’s eyes faint shadow Duoliaoyifen fear that this person actually really be able to take complete control of these strong, and she can even use this magical space of the law, the These controls are strong carry,

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