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the next. ‘Sorry, I’m late …’ 1044th Chapter reverse situation
‘Xiao Yan’ ‘
small medical cents stared looking at the edge of the mountain that stood in the youth, after a moment, the pale cheeks slowly emerging Qiaomei beautiful smile,Coach Outlet, it is a desperation in the face, but also a great hope suddenly hit like joy smile, beautiful and moving.
dark eyes staring at the ice Yuan Xiao Yan, cold voice, as if coming from under jiu general: ‘Boy, you dare me Glacier Valley bad thing?’
eyes sweep in the previous room, ice element is found dozens of mountain glaciers around the Valley elite disciples,Coach Outlet, is actually less nearly general, a rich smell of blood filled and open, obviously, these disappearances disciples, all students should be buried in the hands of this man, this result directly in my mind is to make obtaining the matchless fury with the intention to kill, Xiao Yan’s eyes that stare, as if _ a ferocious fierce wolf.
feel the ice yuan eyes e! i kind of hideous color, Xiao Yan is smile, casually said: ‘Ice Valley people, it really is not a good thing.’ ‘
‘a one-star cases dare glacial valley in front of me presumptuous young people of this world, but also really is more insolent.’ ‘Xiao Yan hear the remark, but it is Nu Ji anti-ice element laugh, laughter, filled with strong intention to kill: ‘Naturally, no matter what position you have, but it must tell you today that God Stream fall, will become your cemetery! ” Break the ice, he handed over to you,Coach Outlet Online, do not leave the hand, the first Qin Zhu, breaking their limbs. ‘
mountain ice yuan turned another one, at the moment there’s a white man,Coach Outlet Online, and his face is also gloomy staring Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan previously shot too fast,Coach Outlet Store, contrary to everyone’s expectations, just half a minute, is glacial valley with nearly twenty fold

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