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to the sky, palm grip, Genju feet is flashed out.
laugh,Coach Outlet,
Xiao Yan an appearance, Ling spring chill is surging in, hand guns shoved pick up, but on the bright Dianmang filled, immediately startled Barrel directly into a thunder dragon is, brought up like thunder roar, facing Xiao Yan Baoshe away!
Xiao Yan eyes looked calm lightning storm swept from the guns, there is not the slightest dodge meaning, green flames filled the heavy foot, and then force split down!
heavy foot brought up green flames,Coach Outlet Store, fiercely across the space, and then together with that collision Thunder Nulong fiercely, Sparks!
both a collision, two shadows are all shook Annealing steps that touches his face slightly changed Ling Quan, who came from the gun that the powerful force, so that was kind of numb his palm actually feeling!
‘brute force kid really big!’
Ling Quan anger laugh loudly, physique of a move,Coach Outlet Store Online, a blur resides in situ,Coach Handbags Outlet, when again, has not far in front of Xiao Yan, Ray Gun dancing,Coach Outlet, Silver SnakeDance, tricky and Henla front of Xiao Yan body vital call away.
‘Razer dance!’
Chichi Chi,Coach Outlet!
a blur Road Barrel emerge through the air, but Xiao Yan’s body, but it is at the moment the general blur, occasionally nudge room, but it is capable of insurance, and insurance will be that sharp marksmanship Quan Ling escape away
saw Xiao Yan agility actually so mysterious, Ling is also passing touch of spring chill, palm grip fierce blows over, the sudden violence that has made it a direct lightning gun as Jinnu like Pushe, along the way at all is life and life space even tear open a crack dark.
guns lightning fast if grazing, however, when it is about to hit зZcn Xiao Yan chest, a fire storm swept out of the palm of your hand is forcibly seize the frame, its pediment impulsive, life and

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