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with my guide, can Yidu pressure drugs, which poison the body magic spot temporarily suppressed, thus prolonging the magic spot poison outbreak time. ‘
heard, closed eyes glanced at the pool Meimou Medusa Xiao Yan, the latter at the moment, does not seem wrong place,Coach Outlet, this light relief.
small medical cents walked slowly toward the other side of the pond, Meimou Luo Xiao Yan looked at the dark spots at the mouth,Coach Factory Outlet, dark spots around at the moment, there have been some brown purple dots, and it is these small point, Magic spot poison was slow expansion suppress a lot.
see this scene, a small medical cents is light relief, Xiao Yan immediately turned his head, looked at the faint mist rising slowly, and then feel the hot temperature emitted from Xiao Yan body out, and said: ‘The situation better than I imagined some,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan body has a different fire exists, though not likely to crack the magic drug spots, but also may be able to get into some obstacles role, together with the pool of toxic water, presumably to The poison that magic spot longer suppress some. ‘
Heard,Coach Outlet Store Online, Medusa and purple research is light relief, the former pondered, and said:
‘now has the list?’
small medical cents slightly shook his head and said: ‘poison into the water just unconscious Xiao Yan body, this is not enough, must be guided, in order to completely suppress the magic square spot poison.’
‘That is also what dawdle? hurry to do it.’ Medusa Weicu Dai Mei, seemed to dawdle district cents still here very unhappy.
hear these words, a small medical cents suddenly Pielepiezui, was about to retort, but is afraid to wake Xiao Yan,Cheap Coach Purses, had Lengheng cry, and said: ‘What reminder reminders,Coach Outlet Store, to boot always have to wait for the opportunity to have anxious What is the use?
‘It is now the time is right yet?’ Medusa

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