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its stature, suddenly dissipated!
see fee days stature disappeared, Xiao Yan face is changed, beat repel beside Yan Lin, Lei Mans feet above the flashing, the body slightly shocked.
just his body trembling, day fee is ghostly figure appears in its wake,Coach Outlet Online, Leiguang shrouded gripper, severely ripped Xiao Yan chest, but unfortunately did not bring up the slightest blood.
arm startled, this blur shattered, fee day slowly turned around, his eyes looked chill suspended in the ground many feet away from hafnium Xiao Yan,Coach Factory Outlet, sneered: ‘A few months gone, the strength has been rising into the Well, no wonder so arrogant.
‘thunder Court, but so, professionals do the old bully small,Coach Outlet Online, little more than bullying the small things!’
Xiao Yan cold eyes staring charges days after an instant, suddenly smiled, raised his eyes directly on the seats that look blankly Venerable mine, smiled and said: ‘Ray Venerable really think if the kid with wind and thunder Court There is such great hatred, then why not do it yourself? You fight to respect other bands strength, boy you certainly will not be a combination of will, so why bother? ‘
Xiao Yan words down,Coach Outlet Store, directly caused an uproar over the field,
do not mind if people think Xiao Yan knocked at this time actually dare to challenge the Venerable Ray? Some brain so that people, after the startled by startled, but it is soon Anzan in mind, what is the identity of the Venerable Ray? Respect for the strong fight, Plains mainland giant party-like existence, his identity, Xiao Yan with almost difficult to measure the gap has,Coach Factory Outlet, regardless of fame or power, but it is the case, Xiao Yan words one after,Coach Outlet Store Online, as long as Venerable Ray did not want to drop a little old bully bad reputation, then, today, he is really afraid of Xiao Yan personally shot!
words, Xiao

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