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a huge flame baizhang Pilian, suddenly self-foot top Pushe, finally facing the ancient demon lightning storm swept away while go.
‘fluff, this and other powerful fighting skills,Coach Outlet Online, can what is the use?!’
face of that momentum is quite vast flame Pilian ancient demon is sneer loud, palm grip, Sen white Xuanbing storm surge out from the body, so too is the instant arm is totally Xuanbing covered.
‘broken’ …
Xuanbing arm suddenly blasted directly under many gaze, bitter flame Pilian boom in that road, fury Effort, is life and life will direct the shattered away.
‘This is your ……
punched broken flame Pilian, Gang Yu Lenghe ancient demon,Coach Outlet, but it is suddenly looking a cold,Coach Factory Outlet, I saw too that was shattered into fire Mans, a rapid rotation of three-color tip lotus, facing its side door Baoshe come lotus in the fire, and that he felt a hint of subtle destruction of breath.
Xiao Yan looking Chill,Coach Outlet Store Online, fingerprints changed, the sound of a falling Li He, that tricolor fire lotus is in a naked eye can not see the lightning speed of expansion open, after a moment, the terrible firestorm, is Since opening in which the overwhelming swept!
firestorms swept the wide field 丆 ground, a baizhang huge crater,Coach Outlet Store, and instantly went out now under the gaze of many, even the wide field around 丆 vindictive cover,Coach Outlet Store, rapid fluctuations are to be shook up.
‘strong fighting skills, this kid is really cunning, ≤x≥ actually be something so powerful 丆 hidden under fire Mans, ≤x≥ so that was ancient demon feel contempt, ≤x≥ however made the surprise effect.
looking at the field that slowly blooming Firestorm, ≤W≥ many strong are secretly nod, At that experienced many enemies and honed combat experience, ≤N≥ indeed given some XiaoYan opportunity

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