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come into contact Yinmang channel, is suddenly disappeared, and with his Wei lost, this space,Coach Outlet Store, once again become a lifeless up, only that huge space storm,Coach Outlet Online, still raging madness,Coach Outlet, long lingers … Here is a lush
vast plains, the central position in the plains, with a gravel square, on the ground at the center of the square, painted over with many mysterious sigil, sigil these are all Yinmang exudes a faint, faint revealing a hint of space between fluctuations.
Square quite quiet, Yisha a sudden gust of thin air into the sky, and soon was at the center of the square, a silver iris emerged out of a boat shadow Shanlue out quickly and soon becomes smaller,Coach Outlet, the last three from falling out of the awkward figure .
With the fall of the trio, the Silver Iris is slowly dissipated. ‘Xiao Yan it? How he did it?’
falling body, the small medical cents never looked at the familiar figure appeared, my heart suddenly a cold, quickly said.
Zi research at the moment is changed back to the little girl looks like, but at the moment of her face, but it is terribly pale, jewel-like eyes looking at the silver aperture dissipated place between a faint mist cohesion.
Hin Blue equally appalled that end a bit, but when their eyes met those flashes of silver runes on the ground, just a little sigh of relief,Coach Outlet Online, said: ‘Do not worry, Xiao Yan brother has also been successfully from space channel out,Coach Outlet Store Online, – ‘? That others do,’ ‘small medical cents research and purple, almost shouted in unison.
‘others did come out, but it seems that at the last minute space channel position was changed, so that – now, he should be transferred to the Central Plains random somewhere to go -‘ As for the location where … I I do not know. ” Hin Blue stammered voice, so that was both direct is stiff body slowly down.

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