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finally, by its one, firmly grasp! Nine hundred and second chapter refining success!
cave, Xiao Yan suddenly opened his eyes closed, his eyes lighted up passing touch,Coach Outlet Store, and soon in the hands of a strange bear quickly printed statement, drink a bit weird sound, only heard since its mouth. With this came
Sheng Road, magic that old devil’s body suddenly shocked, hovering in their mind that the soul, like an invisible force was crushed by force general,Coach Outlet Online, into countless tiny points of light, dense lavished on every part of their body, and soul into a spot that Yi Sha, it stays in the chest at its magic nucleus, but also issued a subtle hum of sound, and soon a Unit of violent energy, since which like Pentium lake-like, surging out of the last physical body along meridians, crashing flowing.
With soul and magic misfortune nuclear envelope so that the body surface with gray color, and it is more and more concentrated, and its entire body size, is slowly narrowing in the surge without the slightest emotion pounds Bo momentum, since the bodies slowly being circulated out. ” Feeling it shares with four or five stars were enough to match the strong momentum, Xiao Yan is slightly brighter eyes, and forced back the hearts of excitement that silk palm of a move,Coach Outlet Store, a group of dark golden solution was suspended in front of the ,Coach Outlet, is wafting slowly,Coach Outlet, slowly pour in the final over that cold body.
laugh! Laugh! High temperature metal solution dripped over the body, suddenly erupted from the fog, ‘exudes a hint of smoked flavor out of place but skin contact with the solution, but it did not appear the slightest signs of damage, after previously a series of refining,Cheap Coach Purses, this puppet body strength at the moment, but reached a very tyrannical state.
soul force, such as wave-like body swept over the puppet,

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