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the body strange side,Coach Outlet Store Online, I saw was a sharp chill glowing paw,Coach Outlet Store Online, that is with a sharp effort wind, close to the chest paint fly away.
‘degree also.’ avoid arbitrary Xie Zhen this rapid strike, Xiao Yan mouth faint.
a down empty, Xie Zhen is obviously startled a moment, obviously for Xiao Yan could have avoided am very surprised, but this absence lasted only a moment, and soon his eyes suddenly a vigorous, paw a move,Coach Outlet Store, like a razor, suddenly Hengqiao out. Furui no eyes looked
Xie shock waves that sudden change of offensive, Xiao Yan mouth a write warehouse, fists clenched suddenly,Coach Outlet Online, suddenly fired immediately, and Xie heavy earthquake last hit with gripper.
claw fist collided, Xiao Yan suddenly pool fist, palm fiercely immediately startled, an intense Anjin, is suddenly self palm Fortunately no one gushing ‘bang!’
low sounded muffled, Xiao Yan stature motionless, and that it is the feet Xie Zhen paint the ground and shoved Jitui a dozen paces, immediately gather in harvest 7- body just horror, the horror workers shouted, ‘You hidden strength? ‘
not blame the earthquake will be so grateful to exclaim, in a previous confrontation grabbing claw fist,Coach Outlet Store Online, his body freezing cold vindictive, almost exhaustively Xiao Yan repression was not even the body is out, and eventually also directly mounted Xiao Yan Tao strange glowing Jin Qi invade the body, so that was his body chaos.
saw Xiao Yan and Xie Zhen fight, has relied on the former upper hand, those Canaan College students also overjoyed, immediately sounded muffled sound of cheering,Coach Outlet Online, although for the past two years, Xiao Yan hear rumors Many can not personally seen it all, so even now coming Xiao Yan, the hearts of the enemy can mostly still a little worried, but this concern, so lightning in a previous battle, it is instantly vanished.

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