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‘Oh, this is the star of stars fell Court meteorite large array, this is not a man-made a big fuss, but a natural formation, ‘the wind of His Holiness smiled, a jade appear in their hands, and then every now and then out of, a Astral bizarre tales from diffuse out ‘light to expand, in front of the space is actually gradually twisted up’ last in a small medical cents and the man in the eyes of astonishment ‘form a space for the door.
‘Come on,Coach Outlet Store Online, there, is the headquarters of the stars fell Court,Coach Outlet Online,’ the wind of His Holiness smiled, the first line of the foot patch of space door ‘Later,Coach Outlet, a small medical cents, who hesitated, ‘which is followed by enter, With everybody else is gone after entering that door again scattered in the invisible space
door into the space, a small medical cents, who only felt in front of a flower, in front of the world,Coach Outlet Store, but it is as if the passage of time in general, has changed suddenly, it was originally a vast expanse of woodlandsAt the moment but there has been a towering mountain walking, mountain top, some buildings can still be seen faintly between, and even hear the sound of some Chihe learn grips.
‘Here, strictly speaking, in fact, is a place built by the star power of a meteorite from space,Coach Outlet Store, Oh, of course, this can not be compared to the kind of huge space and build strong holy struggle, the area where the ‘just a city with almost ‘Venerable wind laughed:’ but because it is made of natural,Coach Outlet Online, where hidden high, even respect for the strong fighting since flying, are difficult to detect subtleties here. ”
small medical cents, who heard also amazed, only purple research write a write-mouth, when she first saw here on the outside, that is, to know where otherwise mysterious’ Of course, this ability, the presence of it She has just one person.

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