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to speak? Do not think you got a demon on the day of the Phoenix wing tank can Yang Wu Wei, if it was day demon Phoenix family know you made use of their wings and fly tribe fighting skills materials, will be launched die endlessly kill you! At that time, you had a chance to cry! ‘Xiao Yan did hear rude words, Wolf King’s mind is back to reality, suddenly angry smiles.
‘If you are sensible, I put it as early as possible to pay out no berries, otherwise, begotten tear you!’ Wolf King scarlet tongue licked his lips, his eyes staring at a little bit bloody Xiao Yan, immediately shoved feet a riding ground, stature jeer heard,Coach Outlet Store Online, is present in over his head, Xiao Yan, roar, veins pulsing fist with crackling sounds from deep, severely smashed down.
looked pale cast Kuangmeng offensive Wolf Wang, Xiao Yan flexor a bomb, bright silver
Mans, suddenly burst into the sky in front of you.
‘bang,Coach Factory Outlet!’
Wolf King fist, severely hit among Yinmang, brought up a muffled sound, faint room,Coach Outlet Online, with the sound of a metal feel.
boxing,Coach Bags On Sale, the Wolf King and his face is slightly changed, he just felt his arm, seems numb down at this moment, but not until he closed fist back, a silver fist,Coach Factory Outlet, that is,Coach Outlet Online, Suddenly self Yinmang severely hit in the final heavy hit on his chest.
a boxing, the Wolf King throat suddenly slightly sweet, a touch of horror in the eyes of the emergence of so terrible force. is issued to this kid?
Wolf King awkward body fell to earth, feet on the ground after another half a foot trod a dozen feet deep footprints after just gradually stopped, looked horrified, immediately stopped at the eye pupil miniature XiaoYan on-one with a silver silhouette in front, on the road from the motionless figure, he felt a hint of danger in the air.
‘You have two choices, one answer my questionThen

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