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IX blood Fusion
‘Dragon Phoenix force blood?’
hear the sound of consternation Xiao Xuan, Kaoru children is slightly hesitated, immediately some puzzled: ‘? What is this’
Dragon Phoenix on historical grudge continent, the number that appears is not much, so even smoked children as ancient tribe of the people, for the title is still a very strange feeling.
Xiao Xiao Yan Lu Xuan also head in amazement looking at the color of the blood pool, the same is somewhat hard to imagine that in the body of Xiao Yan, actually hidden kind of thing,Coach Outlet Store Online, you know,Coach Outlet, the existence of this strange dragon phoenix, Even he is not personally seen.
‘Long Huang, has a Void cologne with the blood of the ancient days of Phoenix mysterious creature, which is the true supreme Warcraft community,Coach Outlet Store, but the number of occurrences, but it is few and far between, even I, personally have never been to a such a presence. ‘Road Xiao Xuan slowly.
‘has a Void cologne with the blood of the ancient days of Phoenix mysterious creature?’ Kaoru children Dai Mei slight tuft,Coach Outlet, she went to the body of knowledge is Void Gu Zi research, but never heard of,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan Ho Shi Huang and ancient Warcraft ancient days this seems to have disappeared somewhat communicative.
‘I do not know the power of the blood of the dragon Phoenix where he come from ……’ Xiao Xuan also some frustration, said: ‘Now look at the situation, it seems that just cleared the blood, did this so-called Dragon Phoenix force blood out of the clear, now accompanied by a growing number of ethnic blood Xiao Xiao Yan force into the body, feel the pressure of the blood of the dragon phoenix force just can not help but burst out …… ‘
‘Xiao Yan brother that affect me?’ Kaoru children Organisation with Dai Mei Road,Coach Factory Outlet.
‘if not eliminate the power of the blood

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