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he was in the red blood brain,jordan shoes for sale, with a little more luck this Buddha lotus manufactured out of anger, and now after so many years of improvement, the power of the Buddha anger lotus is undoubtedly more increasingly strong, and the effect it has made other fighting skills, but also Xiao Yan Xi difficult to catch up.
so for it,cheap jordans for sale, Xiao Yan did not want to say too much to outsiders, even though his children and Tang Zhen Tang fire are some goodwill, but Lin Buddhist anger relations too, so he can not be so easily that it would be informed of the two.
so answer for Xiao Yan, Tang fire children, although somewhat satisfied, but she was not stupid,Cheap Jordans, the moment did accordingly, smiles tenderly soon after, is the topic of the transfer and open.
way chat between children with Don fire at the foot of gravel also become short of many, to be aware of in front of Xiao Yan Tang Zhen suddenly stopped and just looked up at the moment, at the end of this gravel road Department has 一幢 cover between buildings lush woods, the faint room in a building on top of that, the Court has three characters fighting skills. ‘Here is my fighting skills Fenyan Valley Court, and an unusual time, here is the prohibition of people go.’ ‘Tang Xiao Yan children beside the fire road.
Xiao Yan nodded,cheap jordans, eyes implied that swept around the woods, he was able to feel faint,jordan shoes for sale, has hidden hereAtmosphere exists, apparently fighting skills Court should guard it. ‘
‘Come with me, Skyfire Sanxuan changed my 焚炎 Valley’s top secret law,cheap jordans, we can only here to get the most complete heritage.’ Tang Zhen Xiao Yan waved, then approached that big of a huge pavilion, Xiao Yan hurried to keep up.
at three feet before stopping fighting skills Court immediately with three figure swept down from the top of the pavilion, and then into three

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