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back laughing close the eyes, and then attention turned to some of the elders: ‘salty elders, elders Ming, Liu elders, then you but my closest people , Could you even I recognize it? ‘
demon heard laughter close the eyes, and that the three elders pale hair close the eyes gaze at the demon who sweep of the sweep, the face is the emergence of Xu some excitement, said: ” It’s like really close the eyes demon patriarch,Tiffany & Co Outlet, his breath, the three of us But quite familiar.
‘Ming Chang, Hugh was the three of you here to disturb the heart race, today’s offerings jiu python family patriarch Tian Xiao demon but, as you so, but you want to betray the family?’ entrenched on that shoulder a crimson viper old man, his eyes looked ghastly trio,Tiffany Outlet, cold shouted.
‘Great elders, and it was close the eyes demon patriarch ah, but what this being misunderstood?, quickly said that three elders.
‘no misunderstanding, I was just being my brothers and wounded a large Presbyterian poison together and seal the end of their lives jiu, if not overwhelmed by being rescued, I’m afraid the whole life had been sealed in jiu Among their lives,Tiffany Outlet, they see me turning around today, we naturally have to quickly kill off. …… ‘demon eyes open short laugh.
‘What,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry?’
demon remark close the eyes,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, no doubt like thunder in general,Tiffany Outlet Online, in all of the ear exploding, suddenly, all eyes are brought together to a large demon Tian Xiao and elders.
‘Great elders, chiefs remark demon eyes open but really?’ moment, there is some elders, thundered out loud.
‘This man is a fake, he said, and you believe?’ the great elders dressed in a gray robe, overcast Road, immediately waved their grapefruit gowns, awe-inspiring and said: ‘That being the case, that the boss will be shot himself, to capture, let him tell the truth, give everyone

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