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some are slightly convergent, that there strong clouds, although some secret sect reputation does not ring, but maybe there were a fight holy door of this old monster exists, therefore, can not provoke it, or as little as possible to provoke. ‘
see the old drugs is so dignified appearance, Xiao Yan trio also nodded, although today’s stars fell Court development is very rapid, ‘but most are still relied on old drugs Jennifer refining pharmacists identity and half holy strength, otherwise, the star meteorite Court, also just and thunder Court this sectarian forces with almost nothing, the strength of the forces, look Plains, would not say a grasp of a lot, but also a lot of ……, ‘Of course, if people take the initiative to provoke up, we naturally can not make it any punches. ‘Old drugs short laugh, half holy order another,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, perhaps not too strong invincible, but he still has another identity, that is now refining pharmacists Plains Shangming surface of the first person, in this call, even that the real fight holy strong, met him,Tiffany Outlet Online, but also could not put a big rack.
‘Come on ,Tiffany & Co Outlet……’
voice down,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the old drugs do not want to say,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, ‘waved palm stature is marching toward the void Shanlue away deep in the desert, along whistling sand storm, when close to its body hundred meters away, then will automatically disappear, and in its wake, ‘Xiao Yan trio is followed on, in the eyes of ordinary people most horrible sandstorm, for them, do not have the slightest resistance, and therefore less than twenty minutes Xiao Yan four, then go into the depths of the desert, and finally followed by the old drugs,Tiffany Outlet, boarded the top of a very steep hill to bite the sand, but to be too few people boarded the sand hills, looking toward an outer side of the sweep, face on the color again swarmed scared.

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